MPC 300 SL

Found these rad lil 300 SL molds while scrolling ebay. Or so I thought. Being new to collecting diecast, I had no idea molds could even be acquired by the public. So, I immediatley text my buddy Don (@hwdc65), his diecast knowledge and collection is bonkers. He had never seen them before. After hearing that, I hit the "Buy Now" button. Why not, right? It was only $4.95 for the set of four. And no matter if they were truly molds or not, they will fit in right at home with all the other mercs. The seller didn't provide much detail either, other than the obvious, 50's 300 SL Mercedes molds, made in Germany.

About a week later, and literaly two seconds after the UPS dude dropped them off, the box was torn open, and I had already located a lil logo cast into the under side that read "MPC". A quick Google search revealed, these lil mercs were not actually molds, but vintage plastic cars designed by Model Products Corporation or "MPC", an American manufacturer of plastic scale model kits and pre-assembled promotional models popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

After going down the rabbit hole, I was only able to find one source online with one 300 SL in red. And it's for sale for $5.00. So, I figured the set deserved a cool case. Keep them together and safe. Nothing fancy, just clean and simple. I took a Brand Sheet and wrapped the bottom of the case. Just for fun. Looks bitchin now.😎

Recon for the illusive 300 SL Gulwing by MPC is underway. Got a lead? Drop me an email.